We are hosting an event for STRUGGLING TO WIN: ANARCHISTS BUILDING POPULAR POWER IN CHILE US Tour in Miami,FL. It will be held at Veye-Yo in January 11, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Chilean Anarchist speakers, Pablo and Gabriel, will discuss about their experience in building popular power in Chile such as being involved in student, education, feminist, and labor movements. The speakers will present on their political experience and current social movements in Chile as well as do a Q&A session for attendees.


Thoughts on Political Organization for Our Time: A Rejoinder to ‘Fighting for the Future’


After a five year plus process of engagement there is currently underway an effort to merge a number of the existing mostly regionally based class struggle Anarchist groups into a single national organization. FollowinAnarchists-San-Paolo1g up on the piece “Fighting for the Future: The Necessity and Possibility of National Political Organization for Our Time” which attempted to lay out both the arguments for as well as speak to the limitations that exist at the current political moment, one of the authors  offers their thoughts on the current process as well as sentiments within the larger class struggle milieu that have came about since the publication of that piece.

By Adam Weaver

In the piece “Fighting for the Future: The Necessity and Possibility of National Political Organization for Our Time” that I co-authored with SN Nappalos we took up themes related to political organization in the current moment. The piece described political organization as meeting immediate and practical needs such as creating a ‘political home’, creating a space for the collective as opposed to isolated development of new political militants and served a role in building a common set of references and conversations among wider layers around theory, practices and methods of organization. In terms of broader political vision and strategy, we discussed organization as a method to develop a new base, cohere a clear libertarian voice within struggles, build a common set of reference points, and act as a pole of ideas and action.

On Interventions and the Syrian Revolution

chapt15img04* We are re-posting this argument from the Darth Nader blog against US intervention in Syria by a Syrian anarchist*

by Darth Nader

The Syrian revolution is a revolution that began as a struggle for self-determination. The Syrian people demanded to determine their own destiny. And, for more than two years, against all odds, and in the face of massive repression and destruction from the Assad regime, they persevered. Continue reading


The Problem with “Privilege”


* We are re-posting an article from the blog of Andrea Smith, a long-time organizer, activist, intellectual and co-founder of Incite! Women of Color Against Violence.  Her article provides a variety of important insights, critiques and possible ways forward in looking to improve our praxis in confronting,  with the goal to end, systemic oppression.*

by Andrea Smith

For a much longer and detailed version, see my essay in the book Geographies of Privilege  

In my experience working with a multitude of anti-racist organizing projects over the years, I frequently found myself participating in various workshops in which participants were asked to reflect on their gender/race/sexuality/class/etc. privilege.  These workshops had a bit of a self-help orientation to them: “I am so and so, and I have x privilege.”  It was never quite clear what the point of these confessions were.  It was not as if other participants did not know the confessor in question had her/his proclaimed privilege.   It did not appear that these individual confessions actually led to any political projects to dismantle the structures of domination that enabled their privilege.  Rather, the confessions became the political project themselves.    Continue reading

Tahrir-ICN statement on events in Egypt

*We are reposting a statement from the Tahrir-ICN blog on the current situation in Egypt*

by tahriricn

The events of the past couple of days are the latest step in a sequence of events by which the military can consolidate its hold on power, aim towards the death of the revolution and a return to a military/police state.

The authoritarian regime of the Muslim Brotherhood had to go. But what has replaced it is the true face of the military in Egypt – no less authoritarian, no less fascist and for sure more difficult to depose. Continue reading

Will the cop who killed Reefa be allowed to stand his ground too?



We are reposting this piece from the “Let’s Talk About It!” radio show blog by Subhash Kateel, a Miami comrade, radio show host, and veteran activist.


Will the cop who killed Reefa be allowed to stand his ground too?

By Subhash Kateel

This past week another young man from Miami with a promising life was cut down needlessly. Another mother is left to mourn her son while spending the next several holidays staring at an empty chair.  Another group of friends will reflect in the past tense about a friend that is no longer with them.  And yet again, another killer will likely walk the street, spend holidays with his family and hang out with his friends.  This time the killer will probably even get his job back…as a Miami Beach Police Officer. Continue reading

Rally Against Police Brutality, RIP Reefa: 1pm, Sat. Aug. 10th, @ Collins Ave. and 71st St., Miami Beach