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Occupy Miami Rally in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland General Strike

Wednesday, November 2

5:00pm – 6:00pm

The Torch of Friendship, Bayfront Park, Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

This Occupy Miami* rally is in solidarity with the Occupy Oakland General Strike ( and one of the 99 Actions for the 99% (

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*The rally was endorsed at the Occupy Miami November 1st General Assembly

Support the Oakland General Strike!

Support the Oakland General Strike by posting this image and spreading this information to your facebook profile and networks.

Prevent the Miami Police from Dispersing Occupy Miami

Occupy Miami needs your support to hold the space. We need more bodies down at Government Center tonight to hold back any potential police activities to disperse people. More information will be posted on how you can support the occupation through actions, donations, and any possible solidarity

From the square to the block to the shop: spread the occupation amid the whirlwind of crisis

A movement is born. Across America and around the world occupations have spread. We witness the beauty and struggle of a new protagonist joining the fight against oppression and exploitation.

Crisis feeds conflict: the pillaging of communities galvanizes people from Greece and Chile, Bangladesh and China, the United States and Spain. A massive wave has been unleashed of impoverishment, unemployment, austerity, and stealing of resources by capital, governments, and the wealthy. We face loss of our jobs, homes, and way of living, with no avenue for contesting these problems within the institutions of power. Doors are being closed. Futures are being stolen.

The newly impoverished, students whose hopes have been dashed by a life debt and joblessness, veterans returned from hellish war to be discarded, workers facing speed-ups and cuts across the board, families displaced and attacked by anti-immigrant reaction, the sick without access, people forced out of their homes: we are the indignants. While economic restructuring creates new opportunities to pile wealth upon wealth and heap poverty on poverty, new protagonists come forth. The working class recomposes: they force changes on our lives, and we respond with new struggles, new demands, and new relationships – a new social protagonism. Continue reading

10/8/11 Saturday 130pm Occupy Miami official general assembly planning meeting

10/8/11 Saturday 130pm
Bayfront Park Miami

Occupy Miami official planning & general assembly

The occupation begins October 15th, come be a part of this movement and help build a radical alternative to the austerity and misery we’re facing. This meeting will help decide the logistics and direction of the occupation, and this is the official meeting chosen by the general assembly last weekend. Occupy Miami was started by a number of newly-politicized youth from Miami-Dade, and they are flyering in the community to build up this movement. See you there.