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In a time of hardship, Miami-Dade County Ramps up Foreclosures

condo_foreclosure_defenseIn a time when people are experiencing unparalleled hardship, Miami-Dade county is ramping up to steamroll more foreclosures. This news comes as rents are rising[1] in Miami spurred on by international speculators and investors, and people losing their homes. Nationally homeless is increasing due to the pervasive unemployment, sub-poverty wages of the lowest tier of the working population, and the multi-decade long attacks on housing safety nets. We are now witnessing a homelessness that includes young able bodied people some of whom are working while homeless[2].

A large backlog of foreclosures exists in Miami of  over 50,000 cases. This situation was created by the banks illegally “robo-signing” and ramming through foreclosures, and the lack of political will to fundamentally address the issue in a way that challenged the banks[3]. With a hot market[4] in town, the pressure is on to free up the flow of capital in the banks, produce more houses for the market, and make the scandal go away from the eyes of the public. Continue reading

Unrest in low wage bastions

Actions at Walmart, warehouse distribution centers, and fast food have taken unfolded across the country. Labor activists, progressives, and radicals alike have begun to contemplate the merits and problems raised by the new approaches taken by the workers, non-profits, and unions involved. We wanted to share a thoughtful piece by a dual member of the IWW and the Solidarity Federation (UK) examining these struggles.

MAS at the Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair

intermediate-level-chartPablo a MAS member presented on political organization and intermediate level analysis at the Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair. The talk was given this September and has been archived here. MAS documents can be found on this site about the intermediate level and political organization.