Our Positions – Nuestras Posiciones

Points of Unity


Why Women Should Join Political Organization

The Intermediate Level Analysis

Towards a Theory of Political Organization in Our Time Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Bases de Acuerdo


7 responses to “Our Positions – Nuestras Posiciones

  1. Idgie Threadgoode

    Hola, me gustaría tener más información sobre vuestro colectivo y actividades que hagáis.
    Un saludo,

  2. Scott Nappalos

    Buenas compa,

    Se puede nos escribir en mas [at] riseup punto net. Estas aqui en Florida?

  3. Why Women Should Join Political Organization

    The Intermediate Level Analysis

    Towards a Theory of Political Organization in Our Time Part I, Part II, and Part III.

    Are these now official position pieces?

  4. miamiautonomysolidarity

    These are official position pieces.

  5. Luis Duffaut

    Holas mi nombre es Luis y vivo en Miami, Florida … solo una pregunta … son uds. comunistas?
    Estoy indignado contra el abuso del poder … sin embargo el poder siempre ha existido desde que existe el hombre … el poder no es el problema … el poder de los que trabajan sobre los que no trabajan acaso es injusto? … es necesario? … acaso no es injusto que los que no trabajan y no quieren mas sino ser mantenidos por todos, pretendan ser iguales a los que si trabajan dia a dia … el abuso del poder es con lo que se debe luchar cierto … pero tratar de acabar por completo con el poder de unos sobre otros es una utopia y seria injusto … y esperar una sociedad igualitaria sin excepciones y sin gobierno? … por favor a quien engañamos? … porque los hombres somos diferentes simplemente y me refiero al aspecto cultural, mental y espiritual y no al fisico … y punto lo demas es retorica para romanticos ilusos. acaso no hay un grupo de poder dentro de su propia organizacion que los dirige? …. Y si estoy indignado por los acontecimientos diarios que suceden y que parecen empeorar debido al abuso y a la manipulacion de los medios … pero luchar por luchar solo parece una charada de estudiantes … se deben crear los medios necesarios para difundir y protestar pacificamente con argumentos reales, validos y nuevos … no con los argumentos de siempre que solo consiguieron a la larga fracasar en la practica y valido otras estructuras de poder … Y sigo indignado … por eso me gustaria colaborar y participar con Uds. los indignados … se puede?

  6. Luis Duffaut

    Holas my name is Luis and I live in Miami, Florida … just one question … are you communists?
    I am angry with the abuse of power … but the power has always existed as long as man … power is not the problem … the power of working on those not working is it unfair? … necessary? … Is not it unfair that those who do not work and want nothing more but to be maintained by all, seek to be equal to that if they work every day … abuse of power is what you have to fight a … but trying to completely end the power of some over others is a utopia and it would be unfair … and wait for an equal society without exceptions and without government? … Please who are we kidding? … because men are different and I mean just to the cultural, mental and spiritual and not physical … point and the rest is rhetoric for romantic dreamers. there not a group of power within their own organization that directs? …. And if I am outraged by the daily events that happen that seem to worsen due to abuse and manipulation of the media … but struggle to fight just like a charade of students … should provide the necessary means to disseminate and to protest peacefully with real arguments, valid and new … not the usual arguments that eventually only managed to fail in practice and earned other power structures … And I’m outraged … so I would like to collaborate and participate with you the outraged … can I?

  7. miamiautonomysolidarity

    Buenas Luis,

    Have you checked out our points of unity? It’s our basic statement of our politics that will clarify a lot of your questions. We’re not marxist-leninists, supporters of the Cuban government, USSR, or supporters of other nationalist or State capitalist regimes. We believe in bottom-up direct democracy and the abolition of all hierarchies economic and political that existed in those areas. If that’s what you mean by communist than no. We do believe in doing away with capitalism and instead building a society run from top to bottom by for and via everyone. We are an anarchist organization and we believe in fighting for a more just and equitable world that would do away with the tyrannies that existed in both the capitalist and ex-soviet block countries.

    Power has always existed, but it’s not always been the same. The particular arrangement we have today (a centralized state, police force, military, with multinational capitalist coordination of industries) is a very recent occurence in humanity’s history. How power is distributed has changed. There have been more equitable and democratic social organizations in the past, and some cultures carry on elements of that history today. Our goal is to maximize freedom and the best of life for as many as possible through struggling together against systemic oppression and exploitation. None of that is natural, quite the opposite. It took a few hundred years to become dominant, and then only through conscious repression and organization. To be specific, there will always be differences in power between people. That doesn’t mean we have to institutionalize that power into hierarchies. Moreover those institutions and systems of power are historically novel and contingent. Many things we call empires for example in history never had standing armies, police forces, or even companies. It’s a mistake to see our tiny moment in history as eternal.

    It’s important to remember the human struggle for democracy and equality has even more history than the miserable condition we find the planet in today. Alongside the worst atrocities and excesses of power, we always find the autonomous organization of the oppressed to better their condition and work towards a different conception of the world than their rulers would give them. We see this repeated throughout eras and countries. This is a struggle we put ourselves in and ground our work in.

    It’s good to raise new ideas and arguments, and we encourage that. If you want to collaborate feel free to contact us, and we’ll work together based on places we have common interests and unity. Thanks for writing.

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