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Building Power and Advancing: For Reforms, Not Reformism

4361288370_9847ef4023_zBy Thomas (Miami Autonomy & Solidarity)

“We shall carry out all possible reforms in the spirit in which an army advances ever forwards by snatching the enemy-occupied territory in its path.” – Errico Malatesta[i]

As anarchist communists, we are against reformism.  However, we are for reforms.  We believe that fundamentally the entire system of capitalism, the state and all systems of hierarchy, domination, oppression and exploitation of humans over humans must be abolished and replaced with a direct democracy, egalitarian social relations and a classless economy that bases contribution according to ability and distribution according to need.  However, such a social revolution can only occur through the power of the popular classes themselves from the bottom-up.  In advancing towards such a social revolution and a free and equal society, we must build our power in preparation for this fundamental transformation of the world, building on struggles along the way.  Ultimately our demands will be too threatening to the elite classes for them to bear; and their resistance to our drive for freedom will be too much for us to tolerate any longer. Continue reading

Options and limitations in workplace organizing

“We have met with management and the commissioners, and nothing changed. We have taken action and held demonstrations, and got nothing. Now we try the lawyers to see if we can win”.

Another driver speaks up

“That’s not true, when we had a strike they had to listen to us”

The speaker replies “maybe for one week, two weeks, yes. But then they forget it all”. Continue reading

Why Working People are The Solution to Our Economic Crisis

Power gets what it wants.  This is the reason that Wall Street – the cause of the crisis- is booming; but working people are facing double-digit unemployment, hour cuts, increased work load on the job, less resources to work with, raising costs on benefits, cuts to public services and an all-around increase of vulnerability to our situation worsening.  While the banking executives get multi-million dollar bonuses, we’re told we’re “lucky to have a job” and that we should “take more cuts” to “save the jobs of our co-workers”.  The stock market gains while more and more people are thrown out of work.  Something is wrong with this picture. This article will try to break down some of the key economic processes and functions to consider in working towards solving this crisis for working people; but in doing so it will necessarily have to simplify things a bit in an attempt to touch on some of the larger ideas. Continue reading