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11/4/11 7pm: Occupations & Crisis: A film & discussion of La Dignidad de Los Nadies

Sweat Records
5505 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida

The system is in crisis, unemployment lines grow daily, and austerity is grinding away at our necessities and way of life.

In 2001 Argentina experienced an even greater collapse, and massive movements emerged to build alternatives to the misery that was imposed upon them. Occupations, massive strikes, and social disruptions are growing. As this crisis spreads, and new resistance and new movements are emerging.

We are faced again with the lessons and questions of these moments. What role can the popular movements play in defeating capitalism, and creating a new society based on collective democracy, mutual aid, and the defeat of hierarchy? What challenges do we face from those who try to coopt and channel the movement into controllable territory? if we reject trying to save capitalism, what could a popular democracy based on equality look like?

Join Miami Autonomy & Solidarity to watch the film the Dignity of the Nobodies (la dignidad de los nadies) in spanish with subtitles about the Argentinian crisis and movements presented through a narrative of interviews with the protagonists of those movements from the bottom. We will have a discussion of the film and our moment in history afterwards.


From NORTH- Take 95 South towards Miami, exit at 62nd st MLK and head East towards miami beach. Turn south (right) on NE 2nd Ave, it will be on your left with murals of musicians across from the Walgreens.

From SOUTH- Take 95 North towards Miami to the 195 East towards Miami beach. Exit at Biscayne Blvd (Miami Ave is closed, so this is the first immediate exit) and head north (right). Turn left at ne 54th st, and make a right onto Ne 2nd ave, it is one block ahead (north) on your right hand side after Churchills.

Prevent the Miami Police from Dispersing Occupy Miami

Occupy Miami needs your support to hold the space. We need more bodies down at Government Center tonight to hold back any potential police activities to disperse people. More information will be posted on how you can support the occupation through actions, donations, and any possible solidarity

10/8/11 Saturday 130pm Occupy Miami official general assembly planning meeting

10/8/11 Saturday 130pm
Bayfront Park Miami

Occupy Miami official planning & general assembly

The occupation begins October 15th, come be a part of this movement and help build a radical alternative to the austerity and misery we’re facing. This meeting will help decide the logistics and direction of the occupation, and this is the official meeting chosen by the general assembly last weekend. Occupy Miami was started by a number of newly-politicized youth from Miami-Dade, and they are flyering in the community to build up this movement. See you there.

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