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Reflections on the 1/17/13 Seattle Solidarity Workshop


This piece is a contribution to our blog from a close compa of ours that we’ve worked closely with since before MAS was founded.  He offered to share a few of his reflections on the Seattle Solidarity Event that we hosted on January 17th of this year.  This should have been posted much sooner; but we’ve been going through some internal restructuring.  You can check out some of his other writings here: http://morelli84.wordpress.com/ Anyway, we hope that you find these reflections as insightful and useful as we do:

by Jota Erre

1. The SeaSol presentation shows the importance of working at the local level and not accepting the mediation of those who use the law to resolve worker issues.

In Miami all actions and processes undertaken by progressive and or Democratic leaning activists seek to impact state and/or federal legislation as well as implement or reform local, state or federal laws. I’ve seen this in labor, immigration, education and fair elections.

I think that for many progressive organizations and organizers short-term reforms are only stepping stones to over all reform, and not steps in the creation of autonomous worker and community organizations able to transform capitalism. Continue reading