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Foxes and Henhouses: Austerity and the false dance of healthcare fraud

fraud9n-5-web-SN Nappalos

Healthcare fraud is a big deal. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) estimates that tax payers are on the hook for around $80 billion per year of fraud.[1] In 2011, the FBI had a record year retrieving $4.1 billion from fraudulent practitioners and businesses.[2] The Department of Health and Human Services discuss, in their 2011 annual Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program Annual Report, the fact that the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act adds new measures, money, and efforts to combat the pervasive fraud that plagues our health care system. Our system that is that mixes profit and personal gain at each step of the industry.[3] Florida is a crucible because of the combination of vast wealth, poverty, and abuse. Continue reading