Recomposition: class, history, and crisis

October 29th 2011 One Struggle South Florida invited Scott Nappalos of Miami Autonomy & Solidarity to present on how work and workers struggle has changed throughout history and workers’ battles. The talk and part of the discussion were recorded, and uploaded here. The talk covers the relationship between Fordism, Taylorism, Toyotism, Neoliberalism, and the struggles of the working class. It ends by exploring the present crisis, and the offers some directions for the future. The talk is presented as the opinions only of an individual, and does not reflect Miami Autonomy & Solidarity’s position, and in some cases may conflict with others positions.

2 responses to “Recomposition: class, history, and crisis

  1. so Scott eventually separated the possibility of communization from the present moment, which he characterized as “a period of transition.” what then are the general possibilities and tasks of organizers & revolutionaries now in this period of transition? i ask this, especially in light of the insight that he had that tomorrow’s Left and working class movement is only in it’s most nascent form of development.

  2. Scott Nappalos

    Speaking again only as an individual, not reflecting MAS

    I find this article super helpful

    At this point, it’s hard to place ourselves. I do think we’ve seen already how some of our revolutionary work has helped anti-systemic struggles and others have held it back. Being as general as possible, I think we need to spread this movement (hammer on the cracks in the system) and build people up. With terrain shifting so much, it’s hard to stake out a particular path or put too much into demands or trying to hold turf. But personally I think we’re entering a time where we’ll become pressed to do lots of consciousness development, and where cycles of struggle can be catalyzed and spread. We lack a lot of the vocabulary and skills we need, and I feel the politics we are after will come out of this work and struggles. Sorry if this is vague and brief, I wanted to give others a chance too.

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