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Latest Update on Haiti Solidarity

Dear comrades,

We wanted to update everyone on the money that has been raised for Batay Ouvriye , as well as what Batay Ouvriye has said they will use it for.  In the next week we will have a report of BO’s activities with more detail.

So far $6,724 has been donated and we have been able to distribute $2,320 to Batay Ouvriye.

If you would like to donate there are three ways to do so:

Online: https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/811/t/3678/shop/custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=5875

Mail: Miami Workers Center, 6127 Northwest 7th Avenue, Miami, FL 33127-1111      Please write “for MAS/BO” on the memo line

Bank: City National Bank of New Jersey
900 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102
ABA Number: 0212-0163-9 City of NJ Newark
For further credit to:
Account Number: 01 000 9845
Account Name: Batay Ouvriye
Account Address: Ave. Jean Paul II, # 7

Here is a direct quote from BO’s appeal letter sent on January 20th, breaking down their expenditures:

According to the inventory we have made up to now, here are our most immediate needs:

Destroyed homes US $    50,000.00

Destroyed belongings                          20,000.00

Hurt, crippled                                     10,000,00

Daily existence                                    30,000.00

Dealing with deaths                            10,000.00

Total                                        US $    120,000.00

We need to add 40% to this calculation because the various prices keep skyrocketing and will continue to do so. So, the real TOTAL of this section is about: $US 170,000.00.

We will continue to send updates periodically.  If you want to contact us directly our email address is miamiautonomyandsolidarity@yahoo.com or you can visit our blog  https://miamiautonomyandsolidarity.wordpress.com/ which will also contain updated information.

In solidarity,

Miami Autonomy and Solidarity